Hiroo Thariani

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Hiroo L.Thariani Graduated in engineering, worked for Sarabhai Engineering Group as a trainee engineer rose to the level of Branch Manager in short span of 5 years. As an Entrepreneur from within he started his own business which became very successful and handed over the same to his son in year 2002. Founder & M.D. of Sindhudarshan Infotainment Pvt Ltd (SDI), President: BJP Sindhi Cell, Mumbai.

Sindhu Darshan

Presently he is producing Sindhi TV programs (Sindhudarshan) along with partner shree J.C. Bharwani & running continuously since 2003. Sindhudarshan program has confirmed viewership in more than 400 locations of India, Pakistan, U.A.E. & African continent including Nairobi, Togo & Lome.