Parmanand Pyasi

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Parmanand Pyasi
Parmanand Pyasi in Movie Muhinji Radha

Parmanand Pyasi born on Feburary 17, 1957 is from Jaipur, Rajisthan. He is Legend of Comedy when it comes to Sindhi Language. No other person in Sindhi community has such a long career in Comedy Performances. Apart from being Comedy Super Star Parmanand Pyasi has also done acting in movies and very good Singer. He is married to Jaya Nihlani, who is also the inspiration of many husband wife jokes in his performances.


  • Vaeesar ee Gum by Mohan Sachdev
  • Muhinji Radha by Naresh Mohnani


  • very Old Comedy performance by Parmanand Pyasi]

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