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Prabhu Jotumal Chugani (Prabhu Wafa)
Priyadarashini Award - Professor Ram Punjwani Memorial Award for Lifetime Work from Priyadarshini Academy - 1998
Prabhu Wafa awarded at Sita Sindhu Bhavan, Mumbai
Prabhu Wafa with Paru Chawla at Sita Sindhu Bhavan

Prabhu Jotumal Chugani famously known as Prabhu Wafa was born on 19-Sept-1915 in Larkana, Sindh (Now in Pakistan). Prabhu Wafa was one of the senior poets of Sindhi community. He was known not only as lyrical poet, but also as a ‘thinker’. Inspired with ‘Sufi’ thoughts, he was a citizen of the world. Prabhu Wafa was a poet of outstanding calibre. He left for heavenly abode on 17-December-2012 in the morning time.


Prabhu Wafa has composed ‘Ghazal’, ‘Geet’, ‘Bait’, ‘Vaaee’, Rubaaee’ and ‘Haiku’ etc. He is the first Sindhi poet who composed ‘Panjkadas’, a poem of five lines, a new form, which has sweetness of ‘Ghazal’ and depth of ‘Rubaaee’. Our another major poet, Hari Dilgir has applauded his poem, ‘The Cukkoo’ and has compared him with world-renowned poets, like ‘Shelly’ & ‘Wordsworth’ on the same topic. Wafa is also known as patriot & loves his country. (Official Website: [ ])

Literary Achievements

  1. ‘Parwaaz’ (Flight), Geet, Ghazal, Nazm, Rubaaees, Poetry, 1962.
  2. ‘Surkh Gulaab, Suraha Khwaab’ (Red Roses, Fragrant Dreams), Panjakadas, a new form of poetry of five lines, 1980.
  3. ‘Maan Azal Ji Unj Aahyaan’ (I am an Eternal Thirst), Geet, Gazal, Nazm, Bait, Poetry, 1990.
  4. ‘Tun Saagar Maan Lehr’ (You are the ocean, I Am Mere Ripple), Geet, Gazal, Nazam & Shridhanjallis, Poetry, 1993.
  5. ‘Aaina Ain Aksa’ (Mirrors & Images), Mini poems of three lines (Haiko), 1994.
  6. Shri Prabhu ‘Wafa’ has written 7 books on poetry.
  7. One of the poem ‘Khushbu’ from his book ‘Surkh Gulaab, Suraha Khwaab’ was translated in Russian language and published in ‘Indian Poetry of 20th Centry Collection’, 1999.


  • Jhankaar – 1958
  • Parwaaz – 1962
  • Surkh Gulab – 1980
  • Paigam: Translation in Sindhi Of The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran – 1983
  • Maan Azal Ji Uunj Aahyan – 1990
  • Tun Saagar Maan Leher – 1993
  • Aaeena Ain Aksa – 1994
  • Sij Lahan Te Aah – 1999
  • Luchhe Payee Yaktaare Ji Taar – 2010

Awards / Recognitions

  • Sahitya Akademi award for ‘Surkkh Gulaab Suraha Khwaab’, 1981, (At New Delhi by , Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India).
  • ‘Gaurav Puraskar’ for significant literary contributions, 1990 (At Mumbai by Govt. of Maharashtra).
  • Award for total contributions to Sindhi literature, 1992 (At Mumbai by Maharashtra State Sindhi Sahitya Academy).
  • Award for significant literary contributions, 1998 (At Mumbai by Priyadarshani Academy).
  • Iswari Bai Buxani Award, 1993 (At Pune by Ishwaribai Foundation).


Song by Mahesh Chander on the lyrics of Prabhu Wafa

Songs by Shivani Vaswani on the lyrics of Prabhu Wafa

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Prabhu Wafa Prabhu Wafa Prabhu Wafa Prabhu Wafa Prabhu Wafa

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