Rakhee Vaswani

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Rakhee Vaswani

RAKHEE VASWANI is a cookery expert who is successfully leading PALATE CULINARY STUDIO a first of its kind with an international concept and a state of the art island kitchen studio.

PALATE CULINARY STUDIO takes you to an enticing and exciting journey of the culinary world with their demo, cook along as well as hands on classes in every cuisine. Introducing for the first time the little chef's classes ,birthday themes ,chef's special sushi, mangolian, korean stir fries, sizzlers, kebabs, viva italiano, asian flavour and many more cook your own meals.

Her journey into this industry began at the age of 11 as she was always interested in cooking. She began learning from all my aunts, neighbors around her simple dishes like tadka dal, she always wanted to cook food that looked like from a restaurant so she began picking up from wherever she could. Then came along the main person in her life her husband the biggest foodie of all according to her a connoisseur fit to be a food critic and then her journey in this industry grew deeper. In actual she have learnt from many a talented teachers and chefs, a bakery course from sophia college, french michhellin star chef and through personal experience of trials and errors after all food is the essence of life.

For cookery expert RAKHEE VASWANI lets her passion flow into her food.