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[[File:Sindhu-a-Je-Kinare-Movie.jpg|thumb|300px|Sindhu'a Je Kinare]]
[[File:Sindhu-a-Je-Kinare-Movie.jpg|thumb|300px|Sindhu'a Je Kinare]]
[[File:Sindhu-A-Je-Kinare.jpg|thumb|300px|Sindhu'a Je Kinare certificate]]
[[File:Sindhu-A-Je-Kinare.jpg|thumb|300px|Sindhu'a Je Kinare certificate - 1968]]

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Sindhu'a Je Kinare
Sindhu'a Je Kinare certificate - 1968

Sindhu'a Je Kinare movie released in year 1968. This film was produced & written by high priest of progressive Sindhi Literature Shri Gobind Malhi. Singer Bhagwanti Navani also acted in this film. For some reasons this movie was modified in many areas while it was being shot. May be for this reason Sindhu'a Je Kinare movie was not successful in theatres.


  • Music: Gordhan Bharati
  • Compositions: C Arjun