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(Laughter Session)
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== Laughter Session ==
== Laughter Session ==
*  Mohit Shewani
[[Mohit Shewani]]
*  Mohit Shewani And Kamlesh Gangwani
[[Mohit Shewani]] And Kamlesh Gangwani

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  • 6th January 2018


  • St.Andrews, Bandra, Mumbai.


  • Kamlesh Gangwani

Introduction By Kamlesh Gangwani

Singing Performance

  • Drshika Advani performed the song "Ishq Achan Lago"

  • Roshni Tekwani performed the song "Tuhinji Bhi Kujh Dil Aahe"

  • Hanshika Bhatia performed the song "Sij Ubhir Na Toon"

  • Saral Roshan performed the song "Dillagia Jyum Gallyun And Sika Mein Oo Sika Mein"

  • Mahesh Chander performed the song "Kabootar Kaboortar"

  • Pinky Maidasani performed the song "Hai Hai Pakha Purana"

Laughter Session

Singing Performance

  • Mohit Lalwani performed the song "Dil Tuhinji Muhinji Hik Aa"

  • 2 Performance the song "Tomein Ache Muhinjo Hik Kam dholan"

Kajaal Chandiramani song

Singing Performance

  • performed the song "Rutha Hi Rahan" By Mahesh Chander

Parmanad Pyasi comedy Performance