Sweta Keswani

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Sweta Keswani


An uncompromising professional who reinvents herself with each role, Sweta Keswani represents a breed of actor seldom seen in Indian cinema and television. With Films, Television programs, and Commercials watched worldwide, Sweta has become a household name both inside and outside India. She started Kathak and kept up with it for about 6 years at Sangit Mahabharati institute and later with guruji Shri Surinder Kaur. Later She also trained in jazz dance from Shiamak Davar's.


  • Graduated with a degree in commerce (MMK College)


  • Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki
  • Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chand
  • Adalat
  • Ba, Bahu, Aur Baby (2007-2010)
  • Nach baliye
  • Mohalla Mohabbatwala (2007)
  • Arranged Marriage (2006)
  • Johney Ala Rey (2006)


  • Gas Station On the Expressway (2007 Hindi)
  • The Memsahib (2006 English)
  • Chor Mandli (2005 Hindi)
  • Love In Nepal (2004 Hindi)


  • Suits Me (Catalogue & Web Ad Film)
  • Aids Awareness Video Feat. Band of Boys (Public Service Film)
  • Walls Ice-Cream (Press Ad)
  • Bajaj Sunny Zip Scooter (Press Ad)
  • Fanta Aerated Soft-Drink (Ad Film)
  • Auyervedic Concepts Hair Cleanser (Ad Film)
  • Opel Corsa Car (Ad Film)
  • Panasonic Taugiga Television (Ad Film)
  • Ponds Light Moisturizer (Ad Film)
  • Fair And Lovely (Ad Film)
  • Parachute Hair Oil (Ad Film)
  • Anchor Non-Fat Milk (Ad Film)
  • Brahmol Hair Oil (Press Ad; Ad Film)
  • Hepatitis A Vaccine (Public Service Film)
  • Rouge Fashion Studio (Billboard)


  • Residence Visa (2007)
  • Fragile (2007)
  • Now She Says She's God (2005)
  • 3 Aces (2001)