Ammi Ya Mummy

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Ammi Ya Mummy

Two years after successful performance of Sindhi Movie "Hal Ta Bhaji Haloon Movie" Delhi Drama group Mehran produced the movie "Ammi Ya Mummy". This movie was based on a stage drama. There was social message in this movie to save Mother tongue Sindhi. Film story is written by Gopal Bhachani. Film executive advisor was Ashok Jaisinghani. Songs of the movie are written by different lyricist. Music is given by Kan Motihar. Some of the famous Hindi Film industry Singers have of given voice to songs of this movie like Usha Mangeshkar, Sulakshna Pandit, Sushma Shresth, One of the song "Sindhi Abani Boli" has been all time bester performing song which was written by famous Multi Talented Artist Deepak Asha.


  • Kavita Panjwani
  • Gopal Panjwani
  • Shankar Moolwani
  • Uttam Talreja

Music Tracks

  1. Sindhi Abani Boli - (Singer: Chetan, Sushama Shreshtha, Ramesh Rajpal)
  2. Jhule Jhule - (Singer: Prof. Ram Panjwani, Bhagwanti Navani, Leelu Jhangiani)
  3. Achi Mil Musha - (Singer: Usha Mangeshkar)
  4. Hal Ta Haloon - Chetan, Vinay Mandke, Bhagwanti Navani)
  5. Achu Tuhn Nachu Tuhn - (Singer: Asha Bhosle)
  6. Preet Asanji - (Singer: Ghansham Vaswani, Sulakshana Pandit)
  7. Happy Disco - (Singer: Chetan, Sushama Shreshtha, Ramesh Rajpal)