Amrita Lal

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Amrita Lal

Amrita Lal is Sindhi Singer & Anchor. She has performed many times at Sita Sindhu Bhavan and other stages. Amrita Lal is a daughter of Shobha & Ram Lalchandani and grand daughter of Parvati Thakur Chawla. Singing and association with Sindhi Literature is something that has come to her through family inheritance. She is famous for singing Aradhana Sindhi Album for Sacho Satram Darbar, Reharki Sahib.

Amrita Lal also does compering / Anchoring for the shows of Sita Sindhu Bhavan.

She has acted in the movie Shaheed Hemu Kalani

Anchor for Junior Sindhi IDOL - Season II, Singing Competition.

Videos of Amrita Lal