Arjan Hasid

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Arjan Hasid
Arjan Hasid

Arjan Jethanand Tanwani born on 7th January 1930 is well known Poet and writer in Sindhi community. He is given the title as "Hasid" in his name. His roots are from the city of Karachi, Sindh (Now in Pakistan). He is currently settled in Ahmedabad, India.


Literary Achievements/Contributions

Arjan Hasid has written several books on poetry. Few of most significant contributions are

  1. ‘Suwasan-Ji-Surhan’ (Scent of Soul), Poetry, 1966
  2. ‘Pathar Pathar-Kanda Kanda’ (Stones & Thorns), Poetry, 1976
  3. ‘Mero Sij’ (Clouded Sun), Ghazals, 1984
  4. ‘Mogo’ (Dull) Ghazals, 1992
  5. ‘Unjj’ (Thirst), Ghazals, 1999

More Information

  • Hasid is also an AIR artist.
  • He was a member, Sindhi Advisory Board of Central Sahitya Akademi for ten years.

Recognitions /Awards / Honours

  • Award for his book ‘Mero Sij’, 1985 (At New Delhi by Sahitya Akademi, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India).
  • ‘Gaurav Puraskar’, 1998 (At Ahmedabad by Gujarat Sindhi Sahitya Academy).
  • He is an accomplished poet of Sindhi community. He is recognised as a poet of ghazals. Some of his ghazals are soul stirring, for which he has won accolades from scholars as well as from other contemporary Sindhi poets.