Barkha Khushalani

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Barkha Khushalani

Name : Mrs. Barkha Jagdish Khushalani

DOB : 30-08-1959

Occupation: Retired from AIR INDIA as Manager

About: Barkha Khushalani (Sindhu) is the daughter of Daadi Paru Chawla. A poetess, columnist, translator and promoter of Sindhi music and culture, Barkha Khushalani is also a co-manager of Sita Sindhu Bhavan.


  • 2014 : Translated Sindhi stories penned by Mr. Thakur Chawla (My father) into English - ‘Spice of life’
  • 2015 : Translated Biography of Mr. Harish Dubey written in Sindhi by Mr. Holaram Hans into English - ‘A Passionate Sindhi’
  • 2016 : Translated English stories penned by Mrs. Sudha Murty from her book ‘The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk’ into Sindhi (Devnagiri and Arabic

Scripts) 'मूं खीरु पीअणु छॾे ॾिनो’

  • 2016 : Translated English proverbs & sayings written by Dr. Abdul Kalam in English into Sindhi (both scripts) named 'सोनहरी सुखनि'
  • 2018 : Penned poems for children in Sindhi (both scripts) called ‘ॾाढी थी वणी ’
  • 2019 :
    • (A) Translated English book ‘Sindhiyat’ written by Mr. Tulsidas Pahuja into Sindhi Devanagari script.
    • (B) Translated Sahitya Award winning book in Hindi ‘पराया’ into Arabic Sindhi.
    • (C) Translated The Life of Sant Sahib Wadhuram from Arabic Sindhi into


  • Contributing Poems and Articles in Sindhi and English towards ‘The Hindvasi’

Sindhi Weekly newspaper.


  • 2019 : (A) Won an Award from Maharashtra Sindhi Sahitya Academy in September 2019 for the book ‘मूं खीरु पीअणु छॾे ॾिनो’
  • 2020 : NCPSL Award for ‘ॾाढी थी वणी’

Books written by Barkha Khushalani

  • Daadi Thee Vane book of Sindhi Poems in Sindhi & Devanagari Script
  • Sindhiyat Book, translation in Sindhi