Bhagat Kanwarram

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Bhagat Kanwarram
Indian President Smt. Pratibha Patil released Postal stamp of Bhagat Kanwarram on 26-April-2010
Last Photo of Bhagat Kanwarram, 28-Oct-1939

Bhagat Kanwar Ram (13th April 1885 – 1 November 1939 ) at village Jarwar of sakhar (Shakur) district. He was a Sindhi singer and Sufi poet. it was said when Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib sang people would forget about everything. People used to offer lot of money and jewels to Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib while he sang but Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib never kept even a penny for himself or for his family out of that money. He would instead distribute it amongst the poor and needy people because he believed that his touching voice was a gift of God to Him. He was a humble, generous and compassionate man. He wore a long kurta and a red head gear. He sang and danced at Bhagats. During Bhagat - the sessions of devotional music, singing and dance, Sant Kanwar Ram was used to sing creations of famous saints & poets Mira, Kabir and Shah Latif. It happened during the Bhagat, when Bhagat Sahib sung the "Raga Sarang" (Indian Classical Music - Raga of Rain) the clear sky started to fill with rain clouds and a heavy rain followed. Bhagat Kanwar Ram was assassinated in communal riots in Sukkur on 1st November, 1939 at Rukari (also known as Ruk) railway station. The record company HMV made record preserving 20 of the saint’s musical renditions. "Naale Alakh Je Bedo Tar Muhinjo" One of the most Famous Song Of Bhagat Kanwarram. List of Bhagats

Sant Kanwar Ram Saheb's 75th Year of Martyrdom (Shahadat-Balidaan)

Multiple Welfare Services round the year ( 1st Nov'13-1st Nov'14) by many Social & Religious Organisations all over India & Sindh marched The 75th Year of Martyrdom (Shahadat) of Sant Kanwar Ram Saheb. 

Special thanks to @Sindh Welfare Society & Yuwa Mandal for taking the Initiative and Going Hand in Hand with Shiv Shanti Ashram Lucknow to fullfil all the welfare services. Many thanks to Jhulelal Mela Committee, Sant Kanwar Ram Sewa Mandal & Sakhi Baba Yuwa Mandal.

Welfare Services:

  • 1. 175 Blood Donation Camps aross India.
  • 2. 14 Thalaessaemia Minor Detection Camps across the County.
  • 3. Eye Donation Awareness Campaign across India.
  • 4. Food & Milk Donation Drive to Poor Children.
  • 5. Adoption of Schools for Education to poor Children.
  • 7. Group Medical Insurance Program for Poor.
  • 8. Pension Scheme of BPL.
  • 9. Emergency Blood Donations.
  • 10. Healthy Environment Awareness Campaign & tree Plantation.
  • 11. Multiple Free Heart & Kindey Checkup Camps in association with Medicity Medanta Gurgaon.
  • 12. Whole Body Checkup Camps in association with Thyrocare. 
  • 13. "Sant Kanwar Ram in 21st Century" a dramatic Stage program by 30 artists of Sant Kanwar Ram Kala Samiti, MP performed across India.
  • 14. Installation of Cold Water Machines & Water Dispencers across India.
  • 15. Arrangement of Temporary Homes & Fire for Poor in Winters.
  • 16.IAS Entrance Exam Workshops acoss India.
  • 18. Opening of Sant Kanwar Ram Saheb Music Academy in Lucknow.
  • 19. Food Served near Sant Kanwar Ram Statue from 8 am to 9pm non stop with multiple food items on 1st Nov & 13th April every year since 5 Years.

& Many More...


  • Father - Tarachand
  • Mother - Tirthbai

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