Bhagwanti Navani

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Bhagwanti Navani
Bhagwanti Navani


Bhagwanti Navani(Sindhi - ڀڳونتي ناواڻي) born 01, Febuary,1940, in Nasarpur Sindh, British India (now in Pakistan) was a Sindhi Folk Singer. Her voice was so melodious that till today she is refereed as "Sindhi Koel". She gained popularity and become singer of masses when she started singing Lada (traditional sindhi marriage songs) and become a well known name in the house hold of sindhi families. she was felicitated many times with many awards and trophies for the best singer. She died on 22nd October,1986 but still her lada are the integral part of marriage celebration of Sindhis.

Academic Attainments

  • Matric

Play back in Sindhi Films


  • Muhinja More Laada
  • Sukhmani Sahib (6 Volumes)
  • Muhenjo Ladal Aayo
  • Allah Sikk Main
  • Bhagwanti Navani ( Vol.1-2-3-4)

Appeared on silver screen as heroin

  • Sindhua Je Kinare (On the Bank of Indus River).


  • Number of Sindhi Panchayats/ Associations have honoured her with Gold Medals, Trophies and other gifts of enduring nature, Certificates of Merits etc.
  • She received ‘Best Actress’ Award for her performance in Sindhi One Act Plays & Sindhi film; ‘Sindhu a Je Kinare’, (On the Bank of Indus River).

Additional Information

  1. During her singing career spread over 25 years, she gave around 3000 performances, not only in India but also in number of other countries of the world.
  2. She was sweet, gentle with beauteous smile and much sought after artiste. There is a Sindhi magazine, called ‘Murk’ (Smile), published to perpetuate her memory.
  3. The prolific writer, late Gobind ‘Malhi’ was her guiding spirit and she was inseparable part of ‘Kalakar Mandal’, established by Gobind Malhi.
  4. She died at young age, in oct 1986 and it is difficult to fill the void created by her sudden & sad demise.

Tracks from her hit album Marriage Songs

  • Ainer Vade Maan
  • Ayo Dinh Sabhago
  • Ghoriyan Pei Ghor
  • Lada Ladi Ghar
  • Lajjari Ladi
  • Motar Te Chadi Ayo
  • Sansar musafir khano


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