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Doordarshan Sindhi
Million Postcards for DD Sindhi
Letter by Shri Ram Jethmalani for DD Sindhi TV Channel

DD Sindhi or Doordarshan Sindhi is an effort to claim 24/7 Television Channel from Government of India. Doordarshan Channels are offered by Government to most of the regional languages like Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali. Sindhi is one of the 22 languages listed in constitution of India, but there is no such Channel offered by Government to Sindhis.

From year 2007, lots of efforts were put in the form of post cards, letters to Prime Minister of India. Personal Meetings with Sonia Gandhi & PM Narendra Modi also didn't move anything. When All the efforts failed to claim such 24/7 Sindhi Channel, Sindhi Sangat Group filed a case on Government of India on 4-Sept-2015. This case is going on from long and now there is sign of some acceptance by Government to grant Sindhi Community DD Sindhi Channel.

DD Sindhi demand Videos

Adv. Mahesh Ram Jethmalani on DD Sindhi TV Channel case judgement

Dada Ram Jethmalani will fight for DD Sindhi with Govt. of India


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DD Sindhi Channel by Pankaj Kukreja

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