Kaajal Chandiramani

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Kaajal Chandiramani singing during 101st Birth Anniversary of Dada Ram Panjwani at Sita Sindhu Bhavan
Kaajal Chandiramani getting blessings of Nana Prof. Ram Panjwani
Kaajal performing at 27th Annual Convention of SANA

Kaajal Chandiramani born on 13-Nov-1965 is grand daughter of Prof. Ram Panjwani. She did schooling from Mount Carmel High School, Ahmedabad. Kaajal has exceptional classical voice quality and sung good amount of Sindhi Music Albums. Her song 'Titr Tez Uddar' has been widely acclaimed song produced by Sindhi Sangat Group.


Kaajal has performed almost in all the parts of the world and frequently invited in Sindhi functions.


  • Jeeyan Jogeyada - 2011
  • Kaajal Gaye Dada Jee Pasand - 2009
  • Kalams of Master Chander - 2006
  • Hojamalo - 2004
  • Sindhidi Muhinji Ammad - 2001


  • Kismat Kai Judai 2018 - Kaajal Chandiramani