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Karz Sindhi Movie Poster
Karz Movie release in Thane


Karz Sindhi Movie is based on social issues. Movie highlights the growing expectations of young generation and how they get stuck in never ending dept cycles. There is romantic, comedy, family drama & social message in the movie. Punchline of movie says "The Honour Is Better Than Money...".


  • Release Date on Jul-2011



  • Banner: Udhani Productions
  • Story Writer: Naresh Udhani "Massom"
  • Producer: Naresh Udhani
  • Executive Producer : Hansraj Udhani, Rajkumar Udhani, Dharamdas Udhani
  • Associate Producer: Pappan (Suresh) Udhani, Anup Udhani, Ram Udhani
  • Co-Producer: Navin Udhani
  • Director: Naresh Udhani
  • Screenplay & Dailogue: Ghanshyam Sagar
  • Music: Jagdish Mangtani
  • Lyrics: Naresh Udhani "Massom"
  • Editing, Dubbing & Background Music: Lokesh Shewkani & Ravi Shewkani
  • Cameraman: Raju Marwadi
  • Photography: Baba Video (Raju)
  • Singers:
  • Choreography :
  • Make-up :
  • Assistant Director :
  • Associate Cameraman :
  • Music Distribution:
  • Media Partners: [Radio Sindhi]
  • Contact:+91 9825972925


  • Sponsor: Gulabrai Vallaramal Jewellers
  • Co-Sponsor: Bhagwati Jewellers
  • Co-Sponsor: Kamal Caterers
  • Co-Sponsor: Bhagwati Gold Palace
  • Co-Sponsor: Gazal Suits