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Mahesh Chander
Mahesh Chander Interview on Doordarshan Sahiyadri
Gope Chander & Mahesh Chander - Photo Courtesy:

Mahesh Chander was born on 30-Sept-1942 in Tharushah, Sindh (Now in Pakistan). After Partition he settled in Mumbai, India.


Mahesh Chander younger son of Master Chander is Singer, Poet, Composer and true successor of legacy. He started his Music education at early age where Master Chander use to take him at various programs. Once he also took him to HMV studio and got his album recorded. Mahesh Chander has then shown great skills in Sindhi Music, Urdu Ghazals & classical Music. His voice has same weight and voice quality like his father. He is known to be the Singer with Velvet Voice.

Primarily he received his Music education from his father Master Chander, Later he went to Pandit Lakshman Prasad (Jaipur). Singer Madan Prakash taught Ghazal Music to Mahesh Chander and further influenced his learning in Hindustani classical Music.

Mahesh Chander released his first record on HMV in 1965 while he was only nineteen years old. "Silsila Zulf ka jab Rokh pe bikhar Jata hai".

Then HMV signed contract with Mahesh Chander for 12 years to record Music with them. He sung Ghazal for movie "Maikhana". He gave his voice for ghazals in about 25 movies.

While Master Chander was still in profession when, Mahesh Chander started taking trips abroad on his own. He visited Honk Kong, Japan, Manila, Singapore, Jakarta, Colombo, London, Spain, Dubai, Africa, America and Canada. He visited abroad about 40 times to perform on various events.

His initial career was growing in Urdu Ghazal, when HMV recorded Sindhi record with Mahesh Chander. "Oo Sija Ubir na Toon, Shal Raat Huje". This became very famous song and later Mahesh chander also gave one song to Sindhi Movie "Shal Diyar Na Jaman". Track of the Movie was "Aau Kanan me Kahe, Toon Sir Jo Sango Lahe".

On guidance of father Master Chander he also released APA records on HMV. He also performed sung Sindhi songs of his father on TV. "Dilbar Je Dar tey Kiyan Wanja, Khar Khar Karan Jee Aa Mana"

This song touched new heights in voice of Mahesh Chander, because his voice is husky enough and he while he sings his red teeth diped in Paan and smiling lips and dancing eyes. He immerses himself in song while singing.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Honored by Sur Singer Sansad in 1976 for Shab-e-Ghazal Programme.
  • Sahyog Foundation awarded Trophy of excellence in Music in 1992
  • TIPS presented Bhagwanti Navani Award in 1993.
  • Sindhi International Panjchayat awarded him Trophy in 1995
  • In 1998 Suvidha Foundation presented him Gaurav Puraskar
  • He had honor of composing music for the Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee's Poem "Geet Naya Gata Hun" in HMV Album in 2000


  • Silsila Zulf ka jab Rokh pe bikhar Jata hai (Urdu)
  • Sija Ubir Na Toon

Music in Movies

  • Shal Diyar Na Jaman (Sindhi)
  • Maikhana (Hindi)
  • Patharon Ka Shaher (Hindi)


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