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Naqli Shaan Sindhi Film released in year 1971. Story was written by Ramesh Mehta, produced by Shyam F. Ramsay & Amar G. Chandnani. Consulting Director was Tulsi Ramsay. Songs were written by famous poet Krishin Rahi. Music was given by Bulo C. Rani. This movie is based on Play "Under Secretary". Naqli Shaan Sindhi Movie has social message with comedy script. Famous Bollywood Singer Mukesh has given his voice to Songs. In the movie you'll find some non-Sindhi actors have also worked like A.K Hungal & Satyen Kapu.


  • Script & Dialogues : Dr. Moti Prakash
  • Director : Shyam F. Ramsay, Anil G. Chandnani
  • Consulting Director: Tulsi Ramsay


  • Amar Chandnani
  • S.P. Menghani
  • Madan Jumani
  • Bony Ratanpal
  • Asha Hingorani
  • Geetaraj
  • Rajni Tolani
  • A.K. Hungal
  • Satyen Kapu

Track List

  1. Galh Kar Bolh Kar, (Singer: Asha Hargunani, Lyrics: Krishin Rahi, Music Bulo C. Rani)
  2. Haseen Raat A Mast, (Singer: Mukesh & Asha Hargunani)
  3. Ankh Phadke,Dil Darke