Nari Sawlani

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Shri Nari Sawlani

Nari Sawlani born on 20-Dec-1938 in Karachi, Sindh (Undivided India) is promoter of Sindhi Language, Culture & Custms or Sindhyat. Mr. Nari Sawlani is a businessman & settled in Dubai. Few like minded lovers of Sindhi Language & Culture including Nari Sawlani started Aseen Sindhi International.

His parents shifted to Jaipur in 1944 (before Independence of India). In 1946 his family shifted to Bombay/Mumbai. He came to to Dubai for first time in the year 1958. He was first to import 8mm Movie camera in Dubai from Japan in the year 1959.

He has huge interest in photography, videography and covered Dubai very early when it was under development. His work is published in the book "DUBAI CREEK Past & Present". ASEEN SINDHI Group organised many Sindhi programs with his help, in very early years as back as 1985 in Dubai, till 2012 He has documented the Sindhi Culture in the form of the book/presentation.

He along with Shri Vasu Shroff formed Sindhi Ceremonial Center in Dubai to promote Sindhi & Indian Culture.

He has been sponsoring some shows at Sita Sindhu Bhavan. His association with Sita Sindhu Bhavan started from very beginning days of formation by Dada Ram Panjwani. Relations with Dada Panjwani were started as back as in year 1952. Nari Sawlani's father Ramchand was good friend of Dada Panjwani & Panjwani lived with them during his 2 visits to Dubai.