Paarewari Movie

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Paarewari Movie VCD Cover Front
Parewari Movie VCD Cover Back

Parewari is Sindhi movie with Romantic Story and Social Message.




  • Story Writer: Vasudev Nirmal
  • Director: Kailash Advani
  • Producer: Mrs. Shanti Vinay Sinha
  • Advisor: S.P. Menghani

Origins and Development

Casting and Production

Post Production

Visual Effects

Sound Track

Singers: Bhagwanti Navani, Satram Rohra, Lata Bhagtiani, Mahendra Kapoor,Vijaya Pandit, Raju Lalwani

Marketing & Distribution

Paarewari Movie is marketed by TIME N TUNE group. Paarewari VCD is available for Rs. 35 in India in some stores.


This movie was released in 2001