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Paiso Book by Maya Bathija

Readers will be enthralled by the well reached stories of these five outstanding personalities - L.K. Advani How Sindhis Do Business - Paiso book by Maya Bathija

Guided by their sharp business acumen and adaptability, Sindhis have braved Partition, fled from one nation to another and weathered ups and downs in the economy to set up some of the biggest companies in the world. In Paiso, Maya Bathija, former head of content of the Sindhian, brings to you the extraordinary stories of five Sindhi families and the empires they have built over the years

  1. Gary and David Harilela of the Hong Kong-based Harilela Group.
  2. Ramola Motwani, chairwoman and CEO of the real estate investment and development company Merrimac Ventures.
  3. India's first individual angel investor and chairman of Americorp Ventures, India Land Properties, Harish Fabiani
  4. Dilip Kumar V Lakhi, head of Lakhi Group-one of the biggest diamond suppliers in the country.
  5. Jitu Virwani, real estate kingpin and CMD of the Embassy Group.

Through the journeys of these incredibly successful companies, built painstakingly by many generations, this book takes a close look at the Sindhi way of doing business.

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