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S. P. Menghani
S. P. Menghani
S. P. Menghani with Dilip Tekchandani in 2009
S.P. Menghani Article in Zindagi Rozani, Ahmedabad
S.P. Menghani Article in Chingun Weekly Newspaper
S.P. Menghani Shok Sabha in Ahmedabad

Sobhraj Parsram Menghani also known as S. P. Menghani born on 1-March-1934 in Mirpur Khas, Sindh. He left for heaven on 13-May-2012.

Contact Information

  • Bhandus Court, 1st pasta lane, Colaba, Mumbai – 400 005
  • Telephone No. : (R) 91-22-2283 0136
  • Email : yaadkanda@hotmail.com


  • Retired Deputy Regional Director
  • Employees State Insurance Corporation, Mumbai

Significant Contributions

Shri Meghani has directed 30 full length plays, 150 One Act Plays, 100 AIR Plays & 25 TV Plays (all in Sindhi). Also he has acted in 14 films.

Popular Plays directed by him

  1. Under Secretary, 1961.
  2. Yaad Kanda (Do remember), 1967.
  3. Pyaso Maan (Thirsty soul), 1966.
  4. Tea Party, 1980.
  5. Love Letter, 1978.
  6. Sai Ram Ram (Traditional Sindhiway of greeting), 1989.
  7. He-a-Ya Hua (This or that), 1977.
  8. Mumy retired thi Kare


  • Jhulelal (1966)
  • Naqli Shaan (1971)
  • Paarewari (2001)

Recognition By Way Of Award/ Honours

  • S.P.Meghani has received total 17 Awards/ Honours.

Most significant are:

  • Maya Israni Award, 1965 (At Jaipur by Justice Israni).
  • Award, 1972 (At Mumbai by Akhil Bharti Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha)
  • Award, 1990 (At Mumbai by Akhil Bharti Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha)
  • Award, 1992 (At Hongkong by Indian Association & Indian Club).
  • Award, 1992 (At Dubai by Aseen Sindhi).
  • Award, 1995 (At Jaipur by Devibai Teckchandani Sindhu Sabha).
  • Award, 2000 (At Mumbai by Maharashtra State Sindhi Sahitya Academy).

More Information

S.P.Menghani is in the theatre field for more than 50 years. He is versatile, talented and much sought after artiste. After partition of the country, he was the first to direct full length Sindhi play in association with cine artiste Bhudo Advani, titled as Under Secretary. He formed the famous Sindhu Kala Mandir and all plays have been staged under its aegis.


One of the most versatile artistes of Sindhi stage, Menghani started his career as a Radio artieste. A simple & unassuming person, Mengahni has proved his mettle as a competent Director of Sindhi drama. He has also acted in numerous Sindhi, Hindi plays & T.V. serials. His memorable role in Yaad Kanda is a landmark in his stage career. H ewas one of the founder members of Sindhu Kala Mandir, which was instrumental in popularising Sindhi drama after partition.

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