Satram Rohra

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Satram Rohra


Satram Rohra(Sindhi - سترام روهڙا) (Born 16. 6.1939 at Sukkur, Sind (now in Pakistan) is an Indian film director and singer . He has directed many notable Sindhi and Hindi films , including Hal Ta Bhaji Haloon Movie (1984), Shera Daku and Jai Santoshi Maa. Satram Rohra is a versatile stage artiste. He is a renowned singer of Sindhi ‘soofi kalams’ folk songs and comedy songs. He keeps his audience spell bound for hours. He in the company of famous Singer, Bhagwanti Navani under the banner of ‘Kalakar Mandal’ (founded by prolific writer & dramatist Shri Gobind Malhi) enthralled Sindhi audience with soul stirring folksongs and Sindhi ‘Bhagat’ (mixture of song, dance & folktale).

Academic Attainments

  • F.Y. Sc.

As Singer :

TIPS has released 3 cassettes of his Sindhi songs. Also several LPs and 78-mm records of Sindhi songs have been released by HMV. Satram Rohra is also a Play Back Singer. He sang for the following Sindhi films :

As Film Producer :