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SindhiPlex OTT Platform

SindhiPlex is a new Sindhi OTT Platform launched by Vicky Rajani on 20-Jan-2023. SindhiPlex is started with subscription model where monthly fee will be charged from the audience. Subscribers can enjoy the Sindhi Content like Web Series, Talk Shows, Crime Thrillers, Sindhi Cooking and a lot more.

SindhiPlex OTT will be available through Mobile App which can be downloaded from Android Play Store. All the content is offered through app, Free for the one month from the date of launch.

Sindhi Plex OTT service is provided by the organisation SAI DIGITAL BROADCAST MEDIA Pvt. Ltd. which is jointly owned by Vicky Rajani & Gurvinder Singh Butter. Sai Digital Broadcast Pvt. Ltd. is located in Goregaon West, Mumbai-400104.

Programs Planned on Sindhi Plex

  1. Santan Ji Vaani
  2. Taran Jo Khel - Mohit Setpal
  3. Acho Ta Sindhi Sikhau
  4. Khae Pee Lai Kayo - Chef Jyoti Vishnani
  5. Zulm - Bachi Sago ta Bacho
  6. DIY (Do It Yourself) - Pooja Juriani (JK Arts)
  7. Sur Sindhyun Ja (Musical Programs) Karan Khemani
  8. Yoga By Manya Manya Chandnani

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