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Sindhiyat Book by Tulsidas Pahuja
Sindhiyat Book Cover Back side

Sindhiyat is a book written by Tulsidas Pahuja

This book is a research on Sindhi Culture, just like people are still trying to understand Indus Valley of Civilisation. Sindhiyat book written by Tulsidas Pahuja is a route map, directing us towards Peace and Prosperity & Happiness. Sindhiyat presents the guidelines as derived from the life and story of Jhulelal Sain. It also presents philosophy of life and living, ancient Vedantic value for day to day life of any seeker of Truth. Let's restore our belief in Jhulelal sain and find the right path to Prosperity and Happiness through Sindhiyat way of living. Order Now:

Tulsidas Pahuja

Tulsidas Pahuja is a student of Indian Philosophy, the Principles of right living for two decades. After having worked as a shop floor engineer, he entered into the manufacturing business. With due progress, his attention rose to spiritual subjects . A quest which brought him to his guru and he understood an intensive study of a few important scriptural text. He completed his diploma in Vedanta Philosophy after a study of the Bhagwad Gita, 4 Major Upnishads as well as other scriptural texts.

Along with the study and research on Vedantic principles, Tulsidas has also continued his work in the industry. His daily routine early morning studies and writing a regimen of Yoga Pranayama and attending to other obligations as well.