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Sindhu Kala Mandir



  • Bhandus Court, Flat No 21, 1st Pasta Lane, Colaba, Mumbai - 400005,
  • Tel: 0091 - 22 - 22830136
  • Email:



Sindhu Kala Mandir, a prominent drama group in India had staged after partition the first full lenghth Sindhi play "Under Secretary" on 7-Oct-1961 at K.C. College Auditorium, Bombay.

Sindhu Kala Mandir, Pioneer of Sindhi stage has staged a variety of full length plays from 1961 till date. This has been made possible because of its talented artists. technicians & organizers, who have dedicated their lives for the upbringing of Sindhi Language. It is well-known fact that the present generation has lost interest to read in Sindhi language. We have tried to preserve our language and keep its torch burning by staging Sindhi Dramas at regular intervals so that people do not lose the touch of speaking this great language.

Sindhu Kala Mandir, besides staging shows all over India, has also had the opportunity of performing shows in Dubai, Hong Kong & Singapore much to the delight of Sindhi Community there.

It is on our footsteps that other Sindhi Drama Groups are trying to gear themselves up to enrich our culture.


  1. First to stage full length Sindhi Play after partition in India.
  2. First to celebrate Drama Festival of our own plays, So far 40 Drama Festivals have been celebrated.
  3. First to stage classic masterpieces like "Pyaso Man", "Yaad Kanda", "Jyot Jale" & "Ghar-Guru-a-Jo-Dar".
  4. First to stage an original Sindhi play on revolving stage "Ghar-Guru-a-Jo-Dar".
  5. First to celebrate Silver/Golden/Diamond/Platinum Jubilee of our plays.


  • Total Full length plays staged so far : 30
  • No of shows above plays: 1500
  • One Act Plays: 100
  • Radio Plays: 100
  • Tele Plays: 20

List of Plays

  1. Under Secretary
  2. Pyaaso Man
  3. Uljhan
  4. Anita
  5. Dhong
  6. Bighdiyal Ghar
  7. Paarewari
  8. Mehman
  9. Yaad Kanda
  10. Pal Jo Pati
  11. Chhora Aghiyan Porha Puthiyan
  12. Jyot Jale
  13. Hea-Ya-Hua
  14. Ghar Sansar
  15. Kaljug
  16. Raat Raani
  17. Shaadi Ta Kar !!!
  18. Love Letter
  19. Tee Pataee
  20. Jeevan Sathee
  21. Ghar Guru-a Jo Dar
  22. Chori-Chori
  23. Bebu-O-Bebu
  24. Sain Ram Ram
  25. Akh Phadke Dil Dhadke
  26. Manhu Chaa Chavanda
  27. Awal Khair (All the Best)
  28. Bhul Chuk Maaf !
  29. Tawhan Ta Ahire Ja Ahera
  30. Mummy Retire Thi Karey