All India Sindhi Academic Conference Feb-2019

National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language, Ministry of HRD New Delhi organised All India Sindhi Academic Conference 1,2 & 3 Feb,2019 at Rambhau Mhalgi Probodhini centre in Bhayander, Thane.

Sindhi Academies of India were invited to present their activities and learn some good practices from each other.

Pre Conference

Day 1

Registration from 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Jyot Prajvalan

Speech by Prakash Vaswani

Koshi Lalwani - Ageless Legends Clip

Vardaan Movie by Director Naresh Udhani 8:00pm

Day 2

  • AV Presentation of Ram Bhau Prabhodhini
  • Jyot Prajwalan

Morning Speech

Dr. Ajeet Manyal

  • Such events are Audit to present what we have done so far and what to do next
  • Rambhau Mhalgi Probhodini centre is blessed by big leaders of India who have given or attended the conversations and workshops here.

Dr. Pratap Pinjani (New Director of NCPSL)

  • 5.65 crore budget for the year 2018-19 is too less.
  • Increase salary of Sindhi teachers. Rs.10000 for 100 hours is less.
  • 80 hrs will be theory class, 20 hrs will be Sindhi Training on Computer.
  • Plan to create Central Sindhi University
  • Plan to start Sindhi TV Channel.

Dr. Ravi Tekchandani

  • NCPUL Budget is 80 crore, NCPSL budget is 8 crore
  • Before making National Central Sindhi University, make sure other universities are adopting Sindhi
  • Efforts to make National Sindhi Film Institute
  • While we are demanding Sindhi TV Channel, we should work on creating quality content.
  • Make Content translations of each state language to Sindhi and Sindhi to State language.

Ravi Pokhrana, Executive Head (RMP)

  • Democratic Leadership program, 9 month resident program at Rambhau Mhalgi Probhodini

Participants during Tea Break

Afternoon Speech

Delhi Sindhi Academy

  • Mohini Hingorani, Vice Chairman of Delhi Sindhi Academy
  • Yearly Budget of 5 crore
  • Total 20 member Team
  • Secretary: Sindhu Bhagia Mishra (Sahitya Kala Parishad)
  • 16 members from different arts they are achievers
  • Completed 25 years this year

Rajasthan Sindhi Academy

  • Ishwarlal Morwani - Secretary
  • Mohanlal Wadhwani - Ex Director (2004-2007)
  • Budget 25 Lakh per year
  • First Sindhi Academy of India in 1979 in Rajasthan
  • Harish Rajani (1.5 year Director)
  • publishing Rihaan Sindhi Magazine yearly
  • 6 books published per year with financial help of Rajasthan Sindhi Academy
  • Monthly meet of Sindhi Authors and Poets
  • 5 Requests to Government during Kumbh Festival
    • All India Sindhi Vishwavidyalaya
    • Holiday on Cheti Chand
    • Sindhi Jhanki at Janpath on 25-Jan
    • Sindhi TV Channel
    • Sindhu Sanskruti Bhavan
  • Plan for Centenary Year of Shaheed Hemu Kalani (23-March-2023)

Maharashtra Sindhi Academy

  • Gurumukh Jagwani - Co-Chairman of Maharashtra Sindhi Sahitya Academy
  • It was closed for 15 years recently opened again with 1 crore budget.
  • Budget for 2019-20 is declared as 2 crore Rupees
  • Some Yearly Pension for Senior Sindhi Artists, Authors, Poets, Professors/Teacher

Chhattisgarh Sindhi Academy

  • Amit Jeevan, Chairmann of Chhattisgarh Sindhi Academy, Raipur
  • Amit Jeevan sarted working from year 2016
  • Started in year 2007
  • 50 Lakh Budget per year
  • Made a movie from a successful Sindhi Drama

Madhya Pradesh Sindhi Academy

  • Rajendra Premchandani Kamal - Madhya Pradesh Sindhi Academy
  • 78 Lakh Funds unused because of change of Government

Avadh University, Uttar Pradesh

  • Dr.R.K. Singh, Avadh Sindhi University, Uttar Pradesh
  • Wish to make Sindhi Sangrahalya Museum in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh
  • NCPSL gave 1 crore corpus fund to Amar Shahid Bhagat Kanwarram Academy

Gujarat Sindhi Academy

  • Dr. Jetho Lalwani, Gujarat Sindhi Academy
  • 13 Lakh yearly budget for Gujarat Sindhi Academy
  • 5000 Yard land allocated for Sindhi Museum in Gujarat
  • Rs. 5000 pension for Seniors of Sindhi Literature
  • Rs. 3000 to Rs.10000 for Sindhi Research Fellowsip
  • Printed 28 Sindhi Literature Books. Also re-published in Sindh
  • Dola Vira, Mini Mohen-jo-Daro in Gujarat available for Sindhi Tours
  • Magazine published

Contribution of Educational Institutes

Ratan Chawla

  • Ratan Chawla representing Educational Institute of Nashik Deolali

Heena Agnani

  • Heena Agnani representing Educational Institute of Ahmedabad
  • Sindhi Medium Schools closing in Gujarat State

Sandhya Kundhnani

  • Sandhya Kundhnani, Head of Sindhi Department from CHM College

Kajal Ramchandani

  • Kajal Ramchandani from Jai Hind College
  • Sindhi Department has never stoped from the very beginning in Jai Hind College
  • Hojamalo brand event of Sindhi Circle of Jai Hind College
  • Make Sindhi Fashionable

Mukesh Lakwani

Dinesh Tahiliani

Inder Kumar (INC)

Suresh Bablani

  • 44 crore estimate & plan given to Rajasthan

Internet, Media, News, YouTube, Social Media for Sindhi

Asha Chand

  • Asha Chand from Sindhi Sangat Group
  • Learn Sindhi website & apps
  • and
  • Nursery Rhymes contest and awards
  • Court case for Sindhi TV Channel

Deepak Keswani

  • Deepak Keswani from and

  • Part 2 with demo of Amazon Echo/Alexa and Amazon Kindle Devices

Shobha Lalchandani

  • 102 year old Sindhi Newspaper Hindvasi
  • 26 years of Sita Sindhu Bhavan
  • Dream of Dada Ram Panjwani, carried forward by Dada Thakur Chawla & Dadi Paru Chawla
  • 600+ shows at Sita Sindhu Bhavan
  • Sindhi IDOL two seasons

T Manwani Anand

  • T Manwani Anand, Producer Director of Movies
  • Requests NCPSL to support Sindhi Movies Business
  • Daman Silvasa can become Sindhu Bharat soon

Narayan Bablani

Kavita Israni

  • Kavita Israni Member of NCPSL from Bhopal
  • Now we should stop telling partition stories and move on
  • performs regular dramas every year in UP

Kaajal Chandiramani

  • Veteran Sindhi Singer also grand daughter of Prof. Ram Panjwani
  • Urges to NCPSL and other institutions to financially support Singers non commercial work

Sangeeta Bapuli

  • Sangeeta Jaisingh Bapuli, NCPSL Member from Kolkata
  • formed Kolkata Theatre Lovers group in Kolkata
  • Created fusion of Bengali and Sindhi Music

Sindhi Nritya Natika

  • Documentary film on the work of Julie Tejwani
  • Suhina Sindhi Nritya Natika
  • One song shared "Oh Suhina Sindhi, Tokhey Yaad Kando Itihaas"

Day 3

Morning Session

Dr. Purshotam Harwani

  • Presentation on Miniorities by Dr. Purshotam Harwani

Dr. Ravi Tekchandani

Nanak Chand Lakhmani

Dr. Purshotam Harwani

Afternoon Session

Lilaram Ahuja

Heena Agnani

Tulsi Setia

Manish Devnani

Gyanprakash Tekchandani

  • Gyanprakash Tekchandani, Saral - Member of NCPSL & UP Sindhi Academy

Dr. Bhagwan Balani

  • Principal of Bombay Teachers Training College, Colaba, Mumbai
  • 50% seats reserved for Sindhi community
  • B-ed college. How to pass Government CET exam without any charge
  • Cluster University, First Sindhi University of Mumbai

Dr. Jetho Lalwani

  • Gujarat State rules and regulations to claim subsidy on Sindhi Films
  • You can claim up to 1 crore for a Sindhi Film

Naresh Udhani

  • Naresh Udhani, Writer/Director/Producer
  • Sindhi Movies, Karz, Pyar Ja Rang, Nazuk Rishto

Dr. Purshotam Harwani

Dr. Suresh Bablani

Dr. Ravi Prakash Tekchandani

Dr. Pratap Pinjani

  • Dr. Pratap Pinjani, Director of NCPSL sings song for Sindhi Boli

RSS Sangh Chalak - Dr. Satish Modh

  • Dr. Satish Modh, Management Guru, Sangh Chalak of Konkan Division

Post Conference

  • Jaya & Niroo Asrani
  • Simmy Jagwani
  • Julie Tejwani
  • Asha Chand