Anja Ta Maa Nandri Ahiyan

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Sindhi Film "Anja Ta Maa Nandri Ahiyan" was released in year 1970. Actual date couldn't be found.


  • Producer: Dr. Ramchand Tarasinghani
  • Lyricist : Dr. Moti Prakash
  • Music: Bulo C. Rani
  • Singers: Jethalal, Ashu Jageerdar, Bulo C. Rani


  • Ratna
  • Chandra Mirchandani
  • Kan Mohan
  • Pratap Manyar
  • Gulab
  • Tun Tun
  • Deepak Asha

Track List

For this film any audio cd or VCD was not released.