First Sindhi Housie Game online

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Sindhi Housie Online participants

First Sindhi Housie Game played online on Radio Sindhi Show

19-April-2021, Monday

First ever Housie game was played in Sindhi Language online where 7 participants joined on Radio Sindhi Program “Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar”


  1. Deepak Keswani, Thane, India
  2. Arjan Nankani - Valencia Spain
  3. Dr. Roshni Tolani - Kalyan, India
  4. Nisha Chelani - Indore, India
  5. Kishan Ramnani - Ulhasnagar, India
  6. Aashvi & Anand Lalchandani - Malad, India
  7. Vani Jasuja - Ulhasnagar, India

Here is the link to play the Housie Game online

Sindhi Housie Online number dashboard

Software to play Housie in Sindhi is freely available on which can be used by anyone by registering and creating a free account. Once the game is started a game id can be shared with all the participants to see the dashboard of numbers. Numbers are randomly selected by software and announced in Asha Chands voice. They are also presented on the dashboard screen. This way of announcing numbers in Sindhi makes every participant very attentive. Unconsciously they end up learning how to pronounce numbers in Sindhi correctly.

Luckily all the 5 prizes, quick 5, first row, second row, third row & full house were won by Aashvi Lalchandani