National Education Policy 2020 - NEP 2020 and Sindhi Sangat

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National Education Policy 2020 - NEP 2020 & Sindhi Sangat

What is the NEP 2020 ?

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is aimed at transforming India's education system into a modern, progressive and equitable one. The new policy focuses on improving poor literacy and numeracy outcomes associated with primary schools, reducing dropout levels in middle and secondary schools, and introducing the multi-disciplinary approach in the higher education system. It emphasizes early Childhood education and better-educated teachers.

What is the role of Sindhi Sangat in the implementation of NEP 2020?

Sindhi Sangat’s objective in the implementation of the NEP is to ensure that Sindhi is taught as the mother tongue to all the children who belong to the Sindhi community. Sindhi children all over India studying in schools should be taught Sindhi as a subject from Junior KG, Senior KG, & Standard One from 2021 onwards. To achieve this purpose, Sindhi Sangat is prepared to provide the required support to the schools to teach the language to its Sindhi students. The support will be in the form of providing teachers to visit the schools and teach Sindhi speaking, reading and writing. The teachers will be on the payroll of Sindhi Sangat. Software and other material to accomplish and assist in the teaching has already been made. The material has been already made available for small children and efforts to provide further software including videos to make the process of learning and teaching easily are already being planned. Sindhi Sangat is willing to support any other support that schools need which is not available from the Government of India under the New Education Policy

Teachers Perspective

What are the qualifications required to teach Sindhi in the schools?

This is decided as per the Policy

How do I qualify to teach Sindhi in the schools?

School where Sindhi Students are in good numbers. The Exact percentage can be decided by the govt. norms.

What is the remuneration for teaching Sindhi as per NEP?

This will be as per the NEP.

How many students are required to form a Sindhi Language class as per NEP Policy?

This will be as per policy under NEP.

Students Perspective

In which standard Sindhi can be learned as per NEP 2020 policy of India ?

Sindhi is to be taught from Jr, Sr KG & Standard I from this year. ==== Do I've to pay extra for learning Sindhi? There is no extra charge for learning Sindhi.

What do I get if I learn Sindhi as per NEP 2020 policy?

Govt. Has made Mother tongue compulsory because it is advantageous to improve the grasping power of the child and enhance the capabilities of the children to pick up.

You are part of the community that is trying to keep the Sindhi identity alive.

Is it taught in the same school or I need to go to other place ?

Every student will learn their mother tounge Sindhi at School.

How Long I need to Study Sindhi as per NEP 2020 ?

As per the policy student has to learn as per the policy 5+3+3+4 age

What is the course material for learning Sindhi as per NEP 2020 ?

Software is already prepared and more is being produced such as audio stories, poems and videos.

Parents Perspective

Do we need to pay an extra fee for sending our children to Sindhi class?

The Sindhi language will be taught in the regular curriculum so there will not be any extra fee for this

Do our children get books to learn Sindhi?

NEP 2020 implemented in coordination with Sindhi Sangat will get Software & Books for learning Sindhi.