Rakesh Karra

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Rakesh Karra during Deewan Gordhandas Goplani show in Dewas, MP
Rakesh Karra on release of Trappad Teshion Tey

Rakesh Karra born 31-July-1982 is a professional drama artists from Ulhasnagar.


Rakesh has been in Drama industry since 1997. He has received best actor award from Sindhunagar Sahitya Kala Sangam for 5 years consistently. He did his learning from Raman Rajpal and Late Jaswant Kumar. He has handled all the roles of drama industry like Drama Artists, Lightsman, Background Music, Makeup, Managing setup etc. He is treasurer of Sindhu Sakha Sangam drama group.

Acted in Movies

  • VAAEESAR EE GUM as Constable Bathija
  • Don't Touch Me (Hathu Na Lagai)
  • Trapadd Tesion Tey as Bhoju
  • Haliyo Aa Putt Actor Thiyan
  • Abo Kiyan Kabbo (Telefilm by Late Jaswant Kumar)

Acted in Dramas

  • Deewan Gordhandas Goplani
  • Zarrorat Ahe Ghota Jee
  • Mumy retired thi Kare by S.P. Menghani
  • Roop Maya by Sonu Chaudhari
  • Krishna Leela by Sonu Chaudhari
  • Sindhu Dhara by Anila Sunder
  • Sindhu Muhinjee Amma by Anila Sunder