Welcome to my page!

I am a Sindhi. Unfortunately our mother tongue and literature is dying day by day. I am 3rd generation whose grand parents were forced to leave their native land and find life outside. I grew up in the family where most of the time was spent on earning livelihood. Partition devastated every Sindhis life where they have to start the life all over again. Now Sindhis are spread all over the world and finding themselves as aliens since they don't know many facts about their culture, heritage, language.

I always had urge to protect and spread our mother tongue and lot of knowledge. I did my studies in Sindhi Medium School and doing research on many facts related to our culture and language. I felt like collecting all these together at one place before all this is lost in books which no body is reading because our language is expressed now in multiple scripts.

Hope this Sindhi Wikipedia will create the bridge between the Sindhis who has adopted different religions, settled in many locations, following variety of faiths & cultures.