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Sindhi Saboot Challenge started on 12-May-2020

Sindhi Saboot Challenge by Deepak Keswani

Sindhi Saboot Challenge was created by Deepak Keswani of Radio Sindhi on 12-May-2020. This was shared as a video on Social Media where invitation was given to Sindhis to prove themselves if they are Sindhis by saying this most difficult sentence of Sindhi.


"Bili-a Je Mangren Tey Sae Dedar Geet Gayo, Ain Shadi-a Ji Janja tey Dage Duhl Vajayo"

ٻلي جي مَڱڻي تي سائي ڏيڏرگيت ڳايو ۽ شادي جي ڄڃ تي ڍڳي دهل وڄايو

How to participate in SindhiSaboot Challenge ?

You can make your video from mobile or camera and say above mentioned line with precise Sindhi pronunciation and share it on Social Network by adding #SindhiSaboot in title or description

Do we get certificate for saying it correctly and posting on Social Media ?

The whole idea is to avoid any single authority in this campaign. Your correct pronunciation of sentence is self attestation that you know Sindhi Language correctly.

We we need to upload video on Radio Sindhi or send it by Whatsapp ?

No, You need to share this video on your social media account with public access. The whole idea is to motivate fellow Sindhi friends and family. Together we can bring our Sindhi Mother Tongue again in limelight.

Can I promote SindhiSaboot campaign in my Panchayat, Sanstha or Group ?

Yes, You don't need to take permission from anyone to promote this campaign. This is your help to promotion of your mother tongue. You just need to make sure all give correct hashtag #SindhiSaboot. Reference to Original Radio Sindhi video will be highly appreciated. This will help for correct pronunciation of Sentence.

Which is the ideal Social Media platform for SindhiSaboot Challenge ?

You can share your video on any Social platform like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp with hashtag #SindhiSaboot. For long lasting results of video you can share it as post instead of Story, Status or any temporary feed.

How do I check if my Video Post is shared correctly along with other friends ?

Once you've shared your video with correct hashtag #SindhiSaboot, you'll find SindhiSaboot is highlighted as hyperlink. You can click that link to see your and other friends participation.